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What’s ailing your Water Heater?

Is your water heater leaking? Are you experiencing fluctuation or loss of hot water? Is your water heater inefficient and costing more in energy bills? Do you find yourself going to the internet in search of a “hot water heater repair near me”? No matter the issue, call the expert plumbers at John Stevenson Plumbing, Heating & Air. Our team has experience in all water heater repairs and replacement.

Replace or Repair?

Water heater repairs are a great option if the water heater is still within its warranty period. If regular water heater maintenance has been performed, then it should last far beyond its warranty. Small leaks from the temperature and pressure valve, or from the water lines supplying water to the heater, can almost always be repaired when the water heater is in good condition.

Sometimes, the heating mechanism, or thermocouple, will also fail leading to hot water fluctuations or loss of hot water entirely. Water heater repairs such as this can usually be performed within the warranty period and through the manufacturer. However, if the water heater is 8-10 years old, it will always be recommended that homeowners replace the system all together.

Older water heaters become inefficient and costly. Tank style water heaters also have the potential to leak from the bottom and cause flooding and costly water damage. If the water heater is dripping from the bottom, or is rusted and older, it is a sure sign it is time for a water heater replacement.

While some water heaters will perform well and last for many years, the typical lifespan for a tank style water heater is 8-12 years. Standard warranties usually extend within this range as well.

How Much Does A Water Heater Replacement Cost?

Water heater replacement costs will vary. Uniform Plumbing Code is continually changing, so a water heater installed ten years ago versus today will have different requirements. Part of our evaluation will be upgrading to current code, including pulling all permits. We will also ensure that all safety requirements are also up to code, such as earthquake strapping and stands.

We install only the highest quality Bradford White tank style water heaters and Navien tankless style heaters. Our team provides multiple options on site and all estimates are provided up front. With approved work, our prices will never change!

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Tankless Water Heater vs Tank Style

A tankless water heater is unique in that it heats water only as it is being used. Unlike a tank style that holds and continuously heats water, a tankless can be quite efficient and help homeowners save money on energy bills and conserve water. 

When assessing whether customers need a tankless water heater vs a tank water heater, one of the selling points is in the fact that tankless water heaters pose no flooding risk, as they do not “store” water. Using a heat exchanger, as water is being called for, it is heated and sent through the home’s water system. They are also space saving! They can be installed on the interior, or exterior of the home and take up very little space. 

Some people believe tankless water heaters provide instant hot water, but they do not. However, at John Stevenson Plumbing, Heating & Air, we will install all water heaters with a recirculating system that helps speed up hot water and save money. Often our team will recommend installing a water filtration or descale device in conjunction with tankless water heaters. San Diego has extremely hard water and this cause hard scale build up on tankless systems leading to inefficiency and wear and tear.  

Another benefit to a tankless water heater installation is endless hot water. They are ideal for large families, but can also provide great savings for smaller households that want to save energy and water. 

Tankless water heaters also come with much longer warranties and an extended lifespan. Individual components within the tankless heater can also be repaired or replaced easier than traditional tank style water heaters. 

We use only the highest quality products for all tankless water heater installations, such as Navien. They offer unparalleled customer service, warranties, and a superior product.

Water Heater Maintenance

Our team recommends scheduling an annual water heater flush to extend the life of the system. This can also help homeowners avoid costly water heater repairs. 

Regular tank style water heaters hold and heat water on a continuous basis. As they age, and due to San Diego’s poor water quality, sediment can build up on the bottom of the tank. It is corrosive and eats away at the interior of the water heater. This can lead to burst tanks and larger problems. With an annual maintenance, sediment is removed and the water heater continues to perform at peak efficiency. 

Tankless style water heaters should also have annual maintenance. Since they do not hold water, there is little sediment build up in the system, however, hard water can corrode the heating elements causing it to break. This would result in the need for a complete replacement. With a tankless water heater flush, all of the components are kept clean and free of hard water buildup extending the already long lifespan of the system.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's The Average Lifespan Of A Water Heater?

The average tank style water heater can last as long as 20 years. Our team has even come across 30 year old water heaters. However, this is not typical. Most water heaters will only last around 10 or 12 years. Sediment can eat away at the inside of the tank causing leaks and necessary replacement. That is why John Stevenson recoemmnds annual water heater flushes to restore efficiency and clean the tank of any harmful elements. We also install high quality Bradford White water heaters that outperform and provide excellent warranties.

What’s The Average Lifespan Of A Tankless Water Heater?

A tankless water heater can last up to 25 years, and usually have a 10 or 12 year warranty on the heat exchanger. What is unique in a tankless is that the heat exchanger and individual components can be replaced so tankless water heaters do not need to be fully replaced as often as tank style water heaters. With annual maintenance to keep all components in top condition, a tankless will last for many many years. 

Tips To Keep Your Tankless Water Heater Running Smoothly

Scheduling regular maintenance is the biggest indicator of how well the tankless will perform and how long it can last. San Diego has hard water, which is why we see spots on doors, white sediment buildup on faucets and shut off valves, and it can settle on poorly maintained components of a tankless water heater. This can cause damage to the mechanisms of a tankless water heater. When this happens, replacement may be the only option. Homeowners should also be aware of any signs something is wrong, such as error codes on the water heater, small drips, or poor performance.

How To Maintain A Water Heater?

Maintaining your water heater is really about ensuring it is in good condition, and calling the experts at John Stevenson for an annual water heater flush. Some signs to look for indicating potential problems include corrosion or hard water buildup on any exterior components of the water heater, rust, and excessive water leaks.

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