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Important Questions to Ask Your HVAC Technician

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As a homeowner, chances are you’ve encountered issues with your HVAC system. It’s a pain when you can’t get the comfort you’re looking for, especially on a hot or blistering cold day. Whether you need maintenance or a new system, understanding what to ask during a service call with a technician can be challenging. From choosing the right equipment to understanding efficiency, these are the best questions to ask an HVAC technician to ensure you are making informed decisions that can guarantee your HVAC system's optimal performance and longevity.

What Size Unit Do I Need?

Every home is different. Each homeowner's needs will differ widely depending on the size of your home, how many rooms, how many floors, and desired comfortability. When speaking with your HVAC technician, consider if you are looking for a new system for your whole home or one room and what size will fit your requirements. This will help you prepare for the costs of maintenance and installation as well as prepare for the amount of time that will be needed to complete the job.

How Efficient Will My System Be?

When installing a new system, it’s essential to consider the further costs of use and how much your electricity bill will be. Speak with your technician to find the most efficient system that can save you money in the long run.

What Brands Do You Work With?

Top technicians know the ins and outs of all the HVAC systems and can recommend the best ones that fit your needs, depending on size, capacity, and efficiency. Find out what systems your technician works with so you can learn about the system and how to troubleshoot issues once it is installed.

Does My System Have a Warranty?

Find out if your new system or units carry a warranty that allows them to be replaced at no cost to you if they malfunction or break entirely within a set time. Consider warranty options and the cost of a warranty to prepare for the worst.

How Do You Handle Payment?

Speak with your technician to determine payment options and their requirements, whether they accept payment in installments or all upfront. Some HVAC technician companies may even have financing options to ensure you can pay for your system in a way that works for you.

When Will the Job be Completed?

The time a job could take depends on the size of your home, your system, and whether you are installing a whole new system or repairing a single unit. Ask your technician their estimated time of completing the job so that you can prepare yourself and your family for the duration.

What Was Wrong With My Old System So I Can Avoid It Next Time?

Though your HVAC could have issues that are out of your hands, knowing what went wrong with your old system could prepare you better for your new system to ensure it maintains its efficiency for as long as possible.

Can I See Your Licenses?

It’s a great idea to see your HVAC licenses as it ensures that the technician has met the state's specific requirements and standards for competency and safety. A licensed technician has undergone the necessary training and possesses the knowledge and skills to handle complex HVAC systems, minimizing the risk of improper installations or repairs.

Work with a Carlsbad HVAC Technician

Having a knowledgeable technician who is able to provide you with the proper answers and ease is crucial when it comes to updating or fixing your HVAC system. Since 1990, John Stevenson Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. has helped our neighbors keep their homes comfortable and safe. Our licensed technicians have the experience and tools to install, fix, and maintain your HVAC system so you’re comfortable all year round.

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