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Don’t Fall for These Commercial HVAC Scams


An HVAC replacement is a huge investment, so it’s important to make sure you hire the right company for the job. Before choosing a contractor, make certain to first look at reviews, confirm the validity of their license and ask for references. Becoming aware of common commercial HVAC scams will aid you in avoiding unscrupulous contractors.

Here are a few of the HVAC scams dishonest contractors sometimes try to pull that you should never fall for.

Selling You an Oversized Air Conditioning Unit

Bigger HVAC units aren’t always better. Some contractors will offer you the largest unit they have regardless of the size of your building, but keep in mind that an oversized unit is more expensive to purchase and install. A bigger unit will cool down your space faster, but will also turn off more quickly. If your unit isn’t sized properly, it will continue these short cycles indefinitely. Avoid this scam by asking for a formula that shows how the contractor determined the load and size of the unit.

Claiming You Need a Replacement

A contractor may inspect your HVAC system and then claim that some parts of your unit require replacement. While parts do wear down over time, some contractors may point out a part that’s actually still good. You’ll know something is wrong with your system if it’s not working properly. Are you having difficulties keeping your building comfortable? Is your unit making weird noises or emitting bad odors? If not, then your system may be perfectly fine. To be safe, do your research before having someone complete a commercial HVAC repair.


To determine if a service or product is overpriced, do your research and get a second opinion. Not many building managers fall for this scam because they’re usually aware of pricing. Get quotes from at least three contractors to get an idea of the average price of your project.

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