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Why Adequate Clearance Is Important for Compressor Units


When it comes to positioning your home’s outdoor heat pump unit, experts recommend that you ensure it has the proper clearance on all sides. According to HVAC professionals, the outdoor unit should be clear for 24 inches on all sides from the sides of your home, fences, walls, and brush. If you have any plants in the vicinity, meanwhile, make sure they’re properly trimmed to prevent any hindrance to its operation. But why exactly is so much fuss needed over its clearance?

Reduces the Risk of Debris Entering the Compressor

The sides of your home, fences, and especially your plants can easily catch or cause debris that can enter your outdoor heat pump unit. By keeping your heat pump at least 24 inches away from them, you can reduce the risk of debris entering your compressor units and damaging their components.

Prevents Air Flow Restriction

One of the reasons your outdoor heat pump needs the right amount of clearance is because the unit requires the proper amount of airflow so its components won’t run hotter than normal. Failing to follow the unit’s clearance requirements can restrict its airflow and cause these components to overheat, which in turn can reduce its service life. Thankfully, by enlisting the services of heat pump and air conditioner installation experts like John Stevenson Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. you won’t have to worry about this as they’ll ensure your heat pump has adequate clearance upon installation.

Maintains Its General Energy Efficiency

A compressor unit can help you keep your home as energy efficient as possible. With adequate clearance, it can easily maintain its general energy efficiency and will help reduce your monthly bills. However, if your heat pumps don’t have the right amount of clearance, the extra strain on the system will cause it to drain more during operation, reducing its energy efficiency capabilities, which then results in higher energy bills.

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