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Air Purifiers: The Questions That Matter


Air purifiers have gained traction in recent years due in large part to concerns about indoor air pollution. Studies have shown that in most American homes, the indoor air is poorer and more hazardous than the air quality outdoors. To help you decide whether or not to buy an air purifier and what type you should get, our indoor air quality experts have provided answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

How Does an Air Purifier Work?

A basic air purifier has a filter or filters and a fan that draws in air cleans it and recirculates it. The filters capture particles and pollutants and remove them from the air.

Do the Filters Need Changing?

Most purifiers have filters that require replacement every so often, though some do have filters you can clean. It’s usually more convenient to use replaceable filters because they don’t require cleaning, but reusable ones are typically more effective at removing larger particles from the air. Some air purifiers also have ultraviolet (UV) light, which is supposed to kill mold and bacteria, but they often use more energy. Others have ionizers that attract additional particles such as dust and allergens. Your HVAC contractor may have some insights and advice regarding whether replaceable or reusable filters are preferable.

Can an Air Purifier Remove All Pollutants?

Some really good air purifiers remove many common air pollutants, but no air purifier can remove everything. New pollutants are introduced all the time, and air purifiers cannot remove gases like VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and radon.

How Can I Tell If I’m Buying the Right Air Purifier?

Your air purifier should have the following:

  • A HEPA filter. A high-efficiency particulate air filter is more effective than other filters at trapping airborne pollutants. Avoid buying HEPA-like filters.
  • CADR rating. A clean-air delivery rate of at least 300 is ideal. A rating of 350 and above is fantastic.
  • AHAM-verified mark. The standards of the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers ensure safety, performance and efficiency.
  • The right size. Your purifier should be the right size for the room in which it’s used. Consult the dealer or an air quality professional regarding this matter.

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