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Are You Overpaying For Heating Maintenance?


Keeping your HVAC systems properly maintained is vital to keeping them running in good condition for as long as possible. While annual maintenance checks and tune-ups are important, you’ll want to make sure you’re not overpaying for them either! Here is some information to help you figure out precisely what heating services you should be getting when you request a maintenance visit, how much you should expect to pay for heater maintenance, and why John Stevenson Plumbing & Mechanical Inc. is the best HVAC company to trust with all of your HVAC systems!

What Does Heater Maintenance Usually Entail?

While every heating service company offers different services as part of their annual maintenance visits, there are certain jobs that should always be performed. Before paying for any maintenance service, ask yourself the following questions to make sure that the technician has completed all of the necessary checks:

  • Did they check your thermostat settings?
  • Did they tighten all of the electrical connections and measure the voltage and current on the motors?
  • Have all the moving parts of your system been lubricated?
  • Was the condensate drain cleaned and inspected?
  • Did they check the controls to make sure your system starts, runs and shuts down without a problem?
  • If you have a gas-powered furnace, were all of the gas connections checked? This is especially important as faulty gas connections can lead to deadly gas leaks within your home.
  • Did they check to make sure your filter was clean, and change it if necessary?

Keep in mind that most warranties that protect HVAC systems state that they are invalid if regular maintenance isn’t kept up on the unit.

How Much Should Heater Maintenance Cost?

This is where you can get into trouble if you’re not aware of what a maintenance visit costs typically. While companies in different areas may have different prices, you should never be asked to pay more than $100 to $150 for a simple HVAC tune-up. You’ll also want to be careful about paying too little and not having your unit thoroughly checked out.On the low end, you won’t want to spend less than $50-$70 for quality heater maintenance work.

Call John Stevenson For Heating Installation & Repairs!

John Stevenson Plumbing & Mechanical Inc. has been providing 5-star heating services in Carlsbad, CA for almost 30 years! We know what it takes to solve all of your HVAC issues because we’ve spent nearly 3 decades collecting invaluable knowledge and experience to be able to do just that!

At John Stevenson Plumbing & Mechanical, Inc., we operate under our 5-star service guarantee:

  • Diagnostics: We look into the specific problem you called about.
  • System and Safety Check: We fully evaluate your whole system.
  • Notify: We let you know immediately if we encounter an unexpected issue.
  • Options: We always disclose all possible service options to resolve your issue.
  • Review: We discuss those options with you to help you make the choice that’s right for you and your home.
  • Approval: No work is begun on your system without your explicit consent.
  • 24-Hour Check-in: A member of our team will follow up with you within 24 hours of your service to make sure you are 100% satisfied!
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