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How to Maintain Good Air Quality: 4 Things to Watch For


As time goes by, the air in your home will become filled with impurities and toxins in minute amounts. You may think that the concentration of such things is so small that they are of no concern. You may want to think twice about that point. Air quality affects us in ways we normally wouldn’t think about. Some are afflictions that are linked to mood, headaches, allergies, and even illnesses. Here are some things to watch for when it comes to air quality.

Products That Are Green

Remember all the television ads for the cleaning products our parents bought? Mr. Clean, Pledge, and Woolite to name a few. Chances are you have some of those products in your cabinet where you keep all your cleaning stuff. The smells were unmistakable. You knew when mom was washing the kitchen floor as you set foot in the house. Well, in 2001, a new type of product emerged. These cleaning products were made from all-natural, biodegradable ingredients. Product lines like Method were created for those knowing of the residues that the mainstream brands left behind and questioned if the toxins were affecting the health of those in the house. Today, Method is a household name brand. Health-conscious consumers have made a shift to green products that help keep their homes, and the air in it, as clean as possible.

Plants That Clean the Air

Let’s assume that you have never been to a rainforest. The air in the jungle is rich with oxygen and clean. You may find the humidity unbearable, but you would be hard-pressed to breathe better quality air.
This is because plants clean the air we breathe. If they do it in the jungle, why not in your living room? Your houseplants do not need to be tropical either. According to NASA research, the yellow mum is an air-purifying dynamo. They remove things from the air like ammonia, benzene, formaldehyde, and xylene. These things probably weren’t commonly known, but nevertheless, are harmful to your health. Other great choices would be the spider plant, ferns and many species of Dracaena.

Open a Window or Two

It’s winter and you are cooped up with little desire to venture out into the cold. You then find that the air in the house feels stale.If you are in a winter climate then opening a window might be the last thing you want to do. The truth is, that even when it is cold outside, we should always open windows from time to time for the sake of air quality. Impurities in the air can build within the home over extended periods when your HVAC system is the only thing moving air about the house. There is no harm in opening a few windows for 20 minutes to allow for some fresh air to come in and the stale air to get out.

Change Your HVAC’s, Air Filter

One of the best lines of defense against dust and air contaminants is your HVAC system. As air is taken into the system, a filter catches much of the solid particles that would otherwise be spread throughout your home. The air filters in your system don’t last forever. Check them and change them as needed. The harder your furnace has to work to push air through the filter, the longer it will take to regulate the temperature in your home.

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