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The Under-Appreciated Art of Professional Plumbing


Have you ever been moved by a beautiful work of art? That question may have led you to think of your favorite piece of music, a famous painting, or even a poem that speaks to your heart. Maybe you even think of a moving performance by a favorite actor, or a graceful dancer.I’d be willing to bet, though, that you didn’t immediately think of professional plumbing when you read that question. Nine times out of ten, people don’t consider plumbing to be a work of art by any conventional standard, but I’d like to invite you today to think about it a bit more closely. If you do, I’m sure you’ll be led to conclude that professional plumbing really can be an art! And if professional plumbing is an art, then John Stevenson Plumbing & Mechanical, Inc. has some of the most talented artists in the business!

When it Comes to Plumbing, it Was Always Art

Let’s begin by examining the meaning of the word “art.” Our modern English word “art” comes from the Latin word “artis,” and later the Middle English word “artifice.” The former word has several definitions, including words like “craft,” “science,” “skill,” “method,” and “knowledge.”You could say, then, that any craft requiring skill and a specific method, or any craft that involves knowledge of that method, should be considered art. Is professional plumbing not a craft? Doesn’t it require a knowledge of science and a particular skill set? Do every plumbing installation, repair, and replacement have a method to it? By the very definition of the word “Art” then, plumbing has always been art!

Artistic Modern Plumbing Structures

Today, modern plumbing can be seen on display as art all over the world. A perfect example of an artistic plumbing structure is a fountain. From a dessert fountain at your holiday parties to a large decorative fountain in a park to the elaborate dancing fountains at a number of water shows around the world, fountains showcase better than anything else how beautiful plumbing can be.The Crown Fountain in Chicago’s Millennium Park is a contemporary example of a creative and artful fountain. Consisting of two block towers, that each features an image of a human face that “spits” water out at varying intervals of time. The Crown Fountain has made a name for itself as a must-see attraction in Chicago, Illinois.

Finding Suburban Uses For Plumbing Art

Curious to see the wonder of modern plumbing art for yourself? Well, the good news is that you don’t need to travel to see it at all. You can witness the art of plumbing every day, just by noticing it’s suburban uses.Things like swimming pools, kids’ sprinkler toys, public drinking fountains, and man-made lakes, are all excellent examples of plumbing art we encounter almost every day.Now that you’ve discovered a new appreciation for professional plumbing as an art, you can appreciate more of the small things in your life that make your experiences more artful. Share this article with your friends and loved ones to help them also see art and plumbing in a new light!

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