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Spring Is Here: Time to Save on Your Annual AC Tune Up


Spring is traditionally a time for renewal, rebirth, and preparation for the heat and fun associated with summer. It is a time when homeowners open windows, clean away the dirt and grime of winter and get their homes ready for warmer weather. And while cleaning floors, windows, gutters, yards, and walkways are all important parts of spring cleaning, you shouldn’t forget about your air conditioning system. It won’t be long before you’re relying on your AC to keep your home cool and your family comfortable, and it needs to be in tiptop shape to get the job done.To ensure your AC is running as efficiently as possible when you need it most, we recommend scheduling a maintenance visit from one of our technicians. And to sweeten the pot a little, we are offering a $49 AC maintenance/tune-up for April.

Why Do I Need AC Maintenance?

When it comes to air conditioning, efficiency and function are what you need to have an enjoyable summer indoors. All of the parts need to be in good working order, and the system needs to run efficiently so you aren’t wasting money and losing cool air unnecessarily. Your AC system consists of a complex array of parts that all need to work together for it to work properly. Whether it is the evaporator coil, refrigerant, blowers, fans, air handler or any number of connections, just one defective part will affect the performance. You could experience lukewarm air flowing through your home, no air at all, loud noises or strange odors during operation, poor indoor air quality or higher cooling bills if your system is in need of a tune-up.

What to Expect with AC Maintenance

When you have maintenance performed on your AC system, our technician will provide a thorough inspection to ensure each part is in good condition and working as it should. We will check all of the connections, your refrigerant level, and look at the air filter to see if it needs to be replaced. We will also let you know if any minor repairs are needed for the upcoming cooling season. Once the inspection is complete, you can have peace of mind knowing that your air conditioning system is in peak condition and will provide you with the comfort you need over the summer months. You’ll also know that you aren’t wasting money due to inefficiency, which is something every homeowner loves.

Book an Appointment in April and Save

Take advantage of our $49 AC maintenance/tune-up offer by getting in touch with us during the month of April to book your appointment. We know there is a lot to do now that spring is finally here, so do yourself a favor and check this one off your list and save money at the same time.

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