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Find Out Why People Love Their Boilers when You Read these 6 Fun Facts


By now most homeowners in Carlsbad, CA have heard someone claim that they are “in love” with their new boiler, mostly because of the simplicity and ease of use and also the fact that these new condenser boilers can help people substantially cut down on their fuel costs.

This is because these modern boilers are self-contained units and use smaller amounts of clean natural gas to operate. The following fun facts about the new condenser boilers might have you considering divorcing your old boiler and trading it in or a new model.

Fact #1 – It’s Not the Job of a Boiler to Boil the Water
Despite their name, boilers don’t boil water. They warm it to about seventy degrees. Seventy degrees is about the lowest temperature a boiler can operate at and still successfully flood your entire home with radiant heat. This is a good thing because heating water to its boiling point of 140 degrees would be very expensive.

Fact #2 – Boiler Systems Are the Most Efficient Heating Systems
The word boiler originally described a very steamy old contraption that was fueled by coal or wood fires, but today’s boilers are fueled by natural gas. You simply turn on the unit and the ignition lights up the gas so that it burns with a blue, almost transparent flame. Heated water expands and moves upwards through your home, heating all floors at once. When it cools it descends back down to the boiler again where the water is reheated.

Fact #3 – Boilers Don’t Also Function As Humidifiers
Boilers do not actually add water droplets to the air. Today’s boilers are self-contained and do not condense water droplets on surfaces and they most certainly do not humidify the air.
Nowadays radiant heating systems are self-contained and the heat produced bounces off objects in the room, which is why it is called radiant heat.

To add humidity to the room, and also more carbon dioxide, consider decorating your room with plants.

Fact #4 – Water Pressure Can Sabotage Boiler Performance
If your home lacks sufficient water pressure, at least 15 psi, then the pipes that are meant to warm the upper levels of your home will not fill with water and they will not circulate heated water through your home. Low water pressure can also make it impossible to use your water faucets while the boiler is also operating. It simply won’t operate properly. A plumbing professional can advise you on how to fix this problem and acquire enough water pressure so that you can access flowing water and heat your home at the same time.

Fact #5 – A New Boiler Can Save You Thousands of Dollars on Your Energy Bill
Replacing your old boiler with a new condenser model can have you saving as much as 90% of your original heating costs. Furthermore, keeping the thermostat down as low as you can tolerate is recommended because each time you lower the thermostat one degree, you save 10% on one bill.
Natural gas is a cheap form of fuel and the less of it that you use; the better it is for both the environment and your pocketbook.

Fact #6 – Your HVAC expert Can Show You How Your Boiler Operates
Boilers are not complicated machines. A fuel source lights and then warms the water in pipes, which then circulates throughout your home, warming every corner of it with clean dry air. You simply have to know how to turn the gas on and off and watch for signs that the unit might be malfunctioning. This would be indicated by the smell of sulfur or the visual sight of the natural gas flame burning yellow instead of blue. If you smell sulfur, immediately call 911 and in either case, call a plumbing expert afterward to have the situation evaluated for safety. Finally, be assured that you can rely on an HVAC expert to guide you through the process of choosing, installing and using the unit. It is also a good idea to schedule twice-a-year checks on your boiler and the other components of your heating system to make sure that everything is in good working order. If you are considering getting a new boiler, an HVAC expert can also provide you with an accurate price and timeline as to what must be done.

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