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Comprehensive Indoor Air Quality Tips to Help You Survive Your Next Home Renovation


Most homeowners can put up with noise, intrusions from workmen and the sight of smashed in walls and drippy paint cans, but most cannot deal with the poor air quality that can often be the consequence of home renovations.

The feeling that you cannot breathe easily, because of odd smells, irritating fumes and dust in the air can be very disruptive and drive you out of your own.

To avoid the expense and inconvenience of staying somewhere else, here are some tips for preserving the air quality of your home during a home renovation.

Properly Plan for How You Will Live During the Renovation

The key to surviving the mess and indoor pollution associated with home renovations is to create a schedule detailing what area will be done during certain weeks and to plan to sleep, cook or rest elsewhere in the home or even outside of the home if necessary.

Drawing up strong boundaries between the parts of your home that are being renovated and the parts where you plan to go about your daily routine is highly recommended.

Draping plastic from floor to ceiling and sealing the doors and vents of rooms that are being worked on can help prevent dust and fumes from escaping into your home.

Making a plan for working on one area at a time and taking more time to complete the renovations is recommended rather than doing the entire home at once, or you may have to leave in order to avoid the sick feeling that can result from being exposed to too many toxins and particulates at once.

Fill Your Home with Air-Cleaning Plants

If your air still smells musty, dusty or if you can sense the off-gassing from paint, varnish and new materials like carpets or wallpapers, then you can help clear the air by installing air-cleaning plants in your home. This is important to help Carlsbad, CA residents prevent the breathing problems, ear problems, dizziness and eye irritation that sometimes follow a home renovation.

Plants that work well for dispelling the byproducts of home remodeling such as formaldehyde, ammonia, benzene, and xylene include The Garden Mum, Spider Plant, Dracaena, Ficus, Peace Lily, Boston Fern Snake Plant, and Bamboo Palm. These natural air filters will complement the efforts of your HVAC air filters very nicely to help freshen and purify your air after a dusty home renovation.

Schedule HVAC Maintenance and Air Filter Replacements

As your HVAC system will be working extra hard to keep your home clean of fumes and dust during the renovation, it is important that your air filters are changed at least once a month.

This can help you save ten to fifteen percent on your heating and air conditioning bills because the system will not be fighting to work on dirty screens and vents.

Calling in a professional mechanical expert is recommended to inspect every part of your furnace, your air ducts, and your vents to make sure it can handle purifying your air while the renovation process is going on.

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