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Ways You Can Conserve Energy in Your Home and Stay Comfortable


One of the most challenging aspects of the lowering temperatures during the winter season is having to maintain cost efficiency while using your heating system in your Carlsbad, CA home.

Our experts have helped thousands of homeowners keep warm throughout past winters, and in this latest post, we’ll explain more on how to conserve your energy costs while heating your home during the winter.

Insulate the Windows

Take the time to add insulation to the windows in order to keep the air from escaping through the window space. Many homeowners forget this important element of home maintenance.

Later on, however, they find that they spend hundreds of dollars more on heating their homes throughout the winter. By taking the time now to protect your home’s windows, you can seal in warmth all winter long.

Caulk the Window Frames

The window space alone isn’t the only area through which air escapes from the home. Make sure you consider the window frames and the areas around the window frames.

Small pockets of space can lead to significant warm air loss in the property. You’ll save thousands of dollars on home heating by having caulking work professionally completed around your home.

It’s important to remember that you should add caulking to all windows, and not just those in the living room space. Just a small gap in one window frame can lead to lasting heat loss throughout the winter. Have a professional review your home and makes sure that all windows are caulked and protected ready for the winter to begin.

Reverse the Direction of Ceiling Fans

We know that having ceiling fans blowing throughout the summer can ensure cool air remains in the room. But did you know that if you reverse the direction of the ceiling fan, you can actually keep the room warm by having cool air rise?

Simply changing the direction of the ceiling fan blades can help to make your home as much as 10% warmer this winter season, mitigating the need to use the heating as often while keeping your family comfortable all season long.

Take the time now to consider the full range of winter maintenance steps that can safeguard your home and family this season! Talk to a trusted specialist in your area and have your home reviewed before the winter begins to ensure all work is professionally completed.

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