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Pedro did a wonderful job repairing my AC…

“Pedro did a wonderful job repairing my AC. Pedro explained and demonstrated everything to me about my AC. He was courteous and expert in the way he went about fixing the problem. He educated me about proper maintenance of my unit. Before you knew it, we were "in the cool zone" again! I am so grateful for his help. He obviously is an expert in AC! He made me glad that I found your company. It is great to know prompt, expert help is available to keep my home running smoothly!”

- Carolyn L.

Mike did an excellent job…

“Mike did an excellent job replacing pressure limiting valve, removing water softener and replacing it with a newer technology. Great job as always.”

- Dr. George S.

From start to finish it was very professional…

“Being new to the area did not know who to call, did call another air conditioning place after 8:00 am and it went voicemail, that's BS. From start to finish it was very professional, both of the techs where very kind and gave me accurate information and fixed the problem without trying to sell me something I didn't need. You have won over any business I'll have in the future and I will recommend your company to anyone. It was a breath of Fresh air to see customer service like yours. Thank you guys, Sam.”

- Sam P.

Very pleased with our new whole house fan installation…

“Very pleased with our new whole house fan installation. Very quiet operation, especially in comparison to the replaced 25yr old (or so) system. We were advised beforehand any required drywall work would be rough...and rough it is!!! But we were warned! Overall, very pleased and looking ahead to summer heat well armed and positioned. Thanks to all involved.”

- Richard H.

Shining example of good work…

“Shining example of good work and courteous service.”

- Anna D.

Brian is an exceptional representative of your company…

“Brian is an exceptional representative of your company. He is very knowledgeable and efficient. He is also courteous, friendly and helpful. I have just one question, when he replaced the valves to my toilet and other valves, the face plate that goes around the tube and attaches to the wall ( a round disk) was not replaced. I would have liked new chrome face plates for each one. Perhaps it is because the face plat to the toilet was painted to match the wall. could these be replace with new chrome ones? Thanks.”

- Sandy P.

Always a good experience…

“Ive used this company for years the few times I've needed plumbing. Always a good experience. Mike did a great job. On time (early actually) worked quick and clean. Great Job Mike. Thanks Greg.”

- Greg D.

Joe was professional, polite, on time and efficient…

“Joe was professional, polite, on time and efficient. And I might add patient with all our concerns.”

- Waymen & Candy D.

Joe was very polite and made the necessary repairs as needed…

“Joe was very polite and made the necessary repairs as needed. Since his visit here I did have our HOA replace the water pressure regulator that Joe had advised me to have replaced as soon as possible so that I would not have this happen again. Thanks again for such a quick and complete job! Karl”

- Karl G.

Your service people are extremely courteous…

“Your service people are extremely courteous and informative. They are always able to diagnose the problem, present an estimate and make scheduling very easy. Wearing "booties" is unusual in your business but certainly helps on white carpeting!”

- Bernice V.

One of the most enjoyable, competent, reliable, courteous, businesses I have worked with.…

“One of the most enjoyable, competent, reliable, courteous, businesses I have worked with. Easy to schedule service, on time, clean, efficient service. Friendly staff. It is nice to see a very local company handling their business in such a way that builds trust. They deserve their success. ”

- Rick P.

I really like how the technicians explained what was going on.…

“I really like how the technicians explained what was going on - did not start any work until approved - looked over other areas of needed work and offered options for corrections - then gave a quote for the work. ”

- Aman of Sunny Creek Apartments

I couldn't be happier.…

“I noticed leak at 11:30am. Dispatcher sent plumbers out by 1pm. Problem resolved at 3pm. I couldn't be happier. You guys really did a bonaroo job!!!!!"

- Peggy M.

We will be recommending your company to anyone we know needing your services in the future! ….

“We really appreciate coming back to fix some items that we were not happy with the first time. It looks and works amazing now :) We will be recommending your company to anyone we know needing your services in the future! ”

- Anonymous

We have been customers for about 15 years and have never had a complaint.…

“We have been customers for about 15 years and have never had a complaint. We use them for both plumbing and heating. Their employees (including the office staff) are professional and competent. They show up on time, they are clean, they are thorough and their prices are fair. I have no hesitation in recommending them highly. ”

- Alex K.

My experience with John Stevenson Plumbing was terrific.…

“My experience with John Stevenson Plumbing was terrific. The reception during the phone conversation was friendly and efficient. It was late in the afternoon and the service personal was already booked for the day. The next morning, I couldn't have asked for better service from JT. He was punctual, knowledgeable, helpful and informative beyond what was required. I will definitely call them again if I ever need help.”

- Lauren J.

Total Professionalism in Every Sense of the Word…

“We had the unfortunate circumstance of needing to have our entire house (3200 SF) re-piped due to a defective pipe material used when the house was built. These guys came in, masked everything off to contain the mess, and repiped the entire house with state-of the-art material in 5 days…while making water available to us 98% of the time to minimize inconvenience. The quality of the workmanship was exceptional. Even more impressive was the politeness, dedication and integrity of the people who did the work. JT, you’re the man! Thank you guys, for turning a disaster into an asset!”

- Robert & Lisa Gould

An exceptional job!

“Jeff did an exceptional job of explaining what was needed and stated all costs clearly to us. He did an impressive job of selling your company and products. A very pleasant person to do business with. He worked efficiently and well.”

- Warren Bollus

John Stevenson ROCKS!

“We are sending this E-mail to you to thank you for the fine work we received from your employee Garrett Arterburn. He worked hard to do the best job he could, and showed us the attention and courtesy we wish everyone would. He has shown to be a very responsible person. We give him an A+ for a job well done.”

- David and Sophie Boose

True Professionals

“We truly appreciate your professionalism and integrity in dealing with our bathroom leak. It is good to know that John Stevenson Plumbing is there and so reliable. No wonder you have such outstanding employees and a loyal customer base. Keep up the outstanding work!”

- Garrett & Judy Colbert

A Professional American

"Provided excellent service with professionalism. On time, didn't try to talk me into more work. Very fair price."

- Ruth

Excellent Service

"We woke up to a broken water heater. Delighted with the quick response, courteous staff, and quality workmanship. Hard to find plumbing service of this caliber. Thanks for a great experience."

- Rod Jones

Thank You!

"Thanks for doing a very nice job on my mom's garbage disposal. Very courteous and quick service!"

- Nita Gilson

"I want to commend the service your staff provided this morning. JT was competent and professional and an asset to your company."

- Norm Shultz

"We had some low water pressure issues for about two weeks. Thinking it was due to our nine-year old water softener unit, we had it repaired by the company we purchased it from and who maintains it. At first, we thought the issue was fixed when the water flow was improved significantly, but unfortunately, that lasted only a day when the water pressure decreased the next day. That same day, we heard a loud jet engine like rumbling noise which turned out to be the water heater unit in the garage shaking. We saw water spilling from the unit onto the garage floor like a waterfall. After shutting down the unit properly, we immediately called a plumber, including one who lives in our neighborhood, who was not available and never called us back when we left a message. We called several plumbing services but was fortunate to have chosen John Stevenson Plumbing Heating and Air company because a live person actually answered the phone and because of the experience gained from using their service. She was quite pleasant and reassuring. Very quickly, Robert D., our service technician arrived. From the initial greeting to the end of his visit, he was very genuinely cheerful and pleasant. Since we have wood floors, he even wore shoe booties when he walked through our house to the garage where our water heater is located. He since then pulled his vehicle around the back where our garage is located. Robert D. carefully assessed the water heater unit damage and figured out the problem. We felt that he was very knowledgeable and had extensive training because we were asking so many questions so we would be equipped with knowledge for the future. He offered varying unit replacement/maintenance options and educated us in the differences between water tank vs. tankless devices in regards to costs, functions, needs, etc since we were interested in the tankless. He didn't influence us with one or another but just informed us of the pros and cons and left us to choose the unit type based on the pros/cons, which was objective. Robert D. also checked the pressure of the water with the softener unit on or bypass mode; he noticed that the water pressure was good when the softener unit was on bypass and suggested that the water softener unit service technician should check the pressure of the unit when a faucet is on to really tell if there is a pressure problem due to the softener unit. He showed us how to correctly check accurate water pressure with the softener unit bypass on or off. He explained to us every step of the way the issues, repair process, the function and use of the new unit. My husband and I are in the scientific field and we love how Robert D. provided explanations in a clear, concise, and logical way. When the water that was left in the tank wasn't draining properly through the usual method of using a hose to the drain bib, Robert D. diagnosed the situation and figured out a solution right away and also figured out the source of the leak from the water heater tank unit. The job took longer for him, but he was very patient. He worked so hard for about eight hours straight without a break or change in his demeanor or smile. He was so thorough in his repair and install and kept his work area very clean and neat throughout the process. He included a leak pan outfitted with materials to allow any possible leaks in the future to drain onto the garage floor and not near the neighboring dry wall, which we wished we had in the first place because water had moved to the dry wall area. He included other materials which would increase the efficiency of the unit and wished were included with the original water heater unit. He thoroughly checked the proper function of the new unit and took the time to show us how to maintain and safely operate it. My husband and I rarely, if at all, ever write reviews, but with Robert's attention to detail, extensive knowledge, friendly demeanor, we felt compelled to write this review. Given his teaching, we felt more educated and even suggested to him that he should give classes to folks and to train new technicians if he hadn't already. With a high and honest work ethic, he takes extreme pride in his trade. We already had a plumber but because he didn't seem as knowledgeable and was not accessible, we went with John Stevenson Plumbing Heating and Air this time and we will be sure to go with this company in the future. We will ask for Robert D. if he is available but if the company ensures that their technicians are comparably trained, we can be sure we will get great service from other service technicians. Overall, Robert D.'s professional manner and service are not only outstanding but separate him from every service technician we've encountered both in the plumbing and non-plumbing industries. He is by far the best service technician ever ... A+ for him and the company!"

- Anna Lozar

"JT is the nicest plumber I have ever met. He takes the time to explain what the issues are, in understandable terms, and gets right to work. I never feel rushed, or that I'm getting the "run-around" treatment. He is professional, clean, courteous and easy to talk to. I have always been able to get a prompt response and appointments within 24 hours of my calls. Stephanie is sensitive to the customers needs, which is invaluable particularly when there has been a plumbing crisis. I highly recommend John Stevenson Plumbing to my friends and family."

- Anne Ladow

"Under the circumstances I couldn't have been more stoked. Robert did a great and clean job during the whole process. He explained the whole job and each step."

- Joe Bunn

"I came home from work late in the evening and found that the water heater was leaking in the garage. My husband was out-of-town and I was not familiar with the workings of water heaters. I immediately contacted John Stevenson Plumbing as my husband and I have used their services throughout the years and have always been very satisfied with the level of quality and professionalism. I received a call back from Mark, one of the technicians, who walked me through, via the phone,as to what to shut off on the water heater so that I would be safe until he came out the next morning. (Mark was on his way to another emergency at the time.) When Mark came to install the water heater, he explained very clearly to me what he was doing and reviewed the features of the equipment. Mark's expertise and understanding of the situation was more than I could have asked for. There needs to be more folks like Mark and companies like John Stevenson Plumbing. Thank you!"

- James & Donna Zimmer

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