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Carlsbad Hydro-JettingEvery home has a central line that empties all the drains in the house into the sewer. Just like your sink, tub and toilet drains gets clogged with hair and food debris, your main drain line can clog, too. That debris can turn into a grease sludge, which can’t be easily removed. Your Carlsbad plumber can “snake” your drain and if the clog comes back within 6 months, you probably need to get your drains hydro jet cleaned. A “snake” can break through grease, but a “snake” won’t remove the grease, so your drain may clog again.

How does a plumber from John Stevenson Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning utilize Carlsbad hydro-jetting to clean your drain? Well, to start with, the hydro jet drain cleaning device is mounted in our truck. The machine pressurizes the water to about 4000 pounds per square inch (psi) of water. We run a high pressure hose with a special nozzle attached that scours the inside of the drain lines. The cleaning nozzle slowly breaks down and emulsifies the grease and clog, so it can drain into the sewer. The water cleans the entire diameter of the pipe, leaving your drain lines as clear as when they were first installed. Short of replacement, there is no better way to get your pipes flowing freely.

Carlsbad hydro-jetting works on all types of clogs, like hair, food sludge, grease and roots. Most homes can benefit from a once a year hydro jet cleaning. An apartment building may require more frequent cleaning, due to more people using the main drain line. With all the grease build up restaurants and professional kitchens can benefit from hydro jetting once every 3 months.

Call your Carlsbad plumber, John Stevenson Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning, today to arrange plumbing service and drain cleaning. We’ll blast through any sewer drain clog quickly!

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