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Carlsbad Green SystemsYour bathroom in Carlsbad is the easiest and best place to conserve water. Your toilet uses nearly 30% of the water used in your home. You may have to spend some money for the new toilet fixtures, but you’ll make up the money on your new lower water bills, especially with the water rate hikes this year in San Diego North County.

Your sinks use about 15% of your home water use. New faucets with aerators are water efficient and will help you save water and money. These new faucets will reduce water flow by 30% without sacrificing performance. Turning off the faucet when you brush your teeth will help conserve 3,000 gallons a year.

By reducing our water usage, we’ll also reduce the energy that it takes to treat public water supplies and the energy to supply water to the homes. By reducing our water usage, we could save about 100 million kilowatts of electricity per year, which will supply 43,000 homes with electricity for a month. All without building new power plants or using fossil fuels.

We offer a full line of eco-friendly and high efficiency heating, air conditioning and plumbing systems ranging from solar powered water heaters to low flow toilets, high efficiency furnaces, energy efficient air conditioners, and much more! Call John Stevenson Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning today and ask to have someone come out to your home and show you how to save money by “Going Green.”

Green Systems & Solutions We Provide:

  • Low Flow Toilets
  • Low Flow Plumbing Fixtures
  • Energy Efficient Air Conditioners
  • Green Heating & Cooling
  • High Efficiency Water Heaters
  • High Efficiency A/C Units
  • Hybrid Water Heaters
  • Energy Efficient Heating Systems
  • High Efficiency Furnaces
  • Solar Water Heaters
  • Solar Powered Pool Heaters
  • Green Plumbing

We Provide Green Systems in The Following Towns in California

Carlsbad, CA | Encinitas, CA | Rancho Santa Fe, CA | Escondido, CA | San Marcos, CA | Poway, CA | Oceanside, CA | Vista, CA | La Costa, CA | Solana Beach, CA | And more

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If you are looking for ways to go green in Carlsbad then please call 760-585-4165 or complete our online request form.