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Plumbing Experts Matter: When it’s Time to Change Your Hot Water Heater Out in Rancho Santa Fe


If you’re living with a hot water tank that’s ready to go, there are signs when it needs repaired and there are signs when it needs to be replaced. Knowing these signs will help you deal with Rancho Santa Fe hot water heater matters.

There are lots of different types of hot water tanks. If you’re not sure about the type that you have, it is crucial that you call in a professional plumber to look at it. Normally you can tell by looking underneath because if it’s gas it will be lit by a pilot light.

There are tankless units. These area newer tanks that do not take up any space. They are available in electric and gas. Tankless devices offer hot water only when you need it as they do not store water like conventional tanks do.

But when is it time to replace your Rancho Santa Fe hot water heater? Your plumbing problems teeter on this decision. This is a big question that so many homeowner’s go through year after year. If your hot water is being compromised because of this question, don’t wait too long.

It’s time to replace your gas system whenever the pilot light will not stay lit. If you don’t see a small flame lit any longer, you need a new tank. A yellow flame will indicate that the tank is going bad.

If you’re starting to notice that your hot water isn’t as hot as it once as, you need to call in plumbing professionals. Increasing the thermostat will only increase your electric bills. Normally corrosion in the tank is to blame.

Maybe you’re noticing that there is no hot water pressure. An older tank will display this sign. You have to have it looked at before throwing it into the trash. Many hot water systems only last about 10 years anyways.

Hot water tank installations are mandatory if you do not possess any plumbing experience. Professionals will get your old tank out and replace it with new. Most plumbers normally have the job done in on time.

In the meantime, if you are observing water around the bottom of the tank or sediment in the water, you are going to need a professional’s hand. They can provide you with advanced installation methods and often times affordable pricing.

John Stevenson Plumbing Heating & Air can help. They are experienced as they have been in business since 1990. Call our Ranch Santa Fe plumbers and have your hot water heater installed professionally.

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