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Carmel Valley Plumbing, Heating, & AC Service

Carmel Valley plumberWhen it comes to heating and cooling your Carmel Valley home, it's important the equipment works at the best efficiency possible. This can be achieved by keeping it maintained. If the equipment isn't rated for energy efficiency, you can install high-efficiency equipment when it's time to replace the old system.

Being able to count on the plumbing system for freshwater and wastewater removal is also important. By keeping the plumbing updated, there is less risk of leaks and clogs.

To be able to count on these comfort systems, it's necessary to have a good plumber and HVAC professional on hand. There are times you'll need emergency repair service and other times maintenance.

Our Carlsbad plumbers and air conditioning technicians have been meeting the plumbing, heating, and cooling needs of Carmel Valley since 1990. John Stevenson Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. would love to be your go-to team. You can always count on us for prompt, professional service.

Energy Efficient Plumbing & HVAC Upgrades For Carmel Valley

Since we live in the great state of California ourselves, we love to help customers increase the energy efficiency of their homes. There are many energy efficient solutions in both HVAC and plumbing systems including:

  • Energy Efficient Heating & Air Conditioning Systems
  • Hybrid Water Heaters
  • High-Efficiency Furnaces
  • High-Efficiency Water Heaters
  • Solar Water Heaters
  • Low Flow Toilets & Plumbing Fixtures
  • Solar Powered Pool Heaters

Carmel Valley Plumbing Services

We offer full-service plumbing to Carmel Valley. Whether it's plumbing repairs, water treatment, hot water heaters, drain & sewer cleaning, or any other plumbing service, we have you covered. We have the high-tech tools to do hydro-jetting, video inspection, and slab leak detection as well.

Emergency Air Conditioning & Heating Repairs For Carmel Valley

It's never fun to deal with a hot, humid house because the AC went out. Being cold when you have a non-working furnace is equally frustrating.

When this happens to you and your family, just call us for Carmel Valley emergency AC and heating repairs. We'll be there in a flash.

See What Carmel Valley Homeowners Are Saying About Us

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based on these 1 happy customer reviews.

"We had some low water pressure issues for about two weeks. Thinking it was due to our nine-year old water softener unit, we had it repaired by the company we purchased it from and who maintains it. At first, we thought the issue was fixed when the water flow was improved significantly, but unfortunately, that lasted only a day when the water pressure decreased the next day. That same day, we heard a loud jet engine like rumbling noise which turned out to be the water heater unit in the garage shaking. We saw water spilling from the unit onto the garage floor like a waterfall. After shutting down the unit properly, we immediately called a plumber, including one who lives in our neighborhood, who was not available and never called us back when we left a message. We called several plumbing services but was fortunate to have chosen John Stevenson Plumbing Heating and Air company because a live person actually answered the phone and because of the experience gained from using their service. She was quite pleasant and reassuring. Very quickly, Robert D., our service technician arrived. From the initial greeting to the end of his visit, he was very genuinely cheerful and pleasant. Since we have wood floors, he even wore shoe booties when he walked through our house to the garage where our water heater is located. He since then pulled his vehicle around the back where our garage is located. Robert D. carefully assessed the water heater unit damage and figured out the problem. We felt that he was very knowledgeable and had extensive training because we were asking so many questions so we would be equipped with knowledge for the future. He offered varying unit replacement/maintenance options and educated us in the differences between water tank vs. tankless devices in regards to costs, functions, needs, etc since we were interested in the tankless. He didn't influence us with one or another but just informed us of the pros and cons and left us to choose the unit type based on the pros/cons, which was objective. Robert D. also checked the pressure of the water with the softener unit on or bypass mode; he noticed that the water pressure was good when the softener unit was on bypass and suggested that the water softener unit service technician should check the pressure of the unit when a faucet is on to really tell if there is a pressure problem due to the softener unit. He showed us how to correctly check accurate water pressure with the softener unit bypass on or off. He explained to us every step of the way the issues, repair process, the function and use of the new unit. My husband and I are in the scientific field and we love how Robert D. provided explanations in a clear, concise, and logical way. When the water that was left in the tank wasn't draining properly through the usual method of using a hose to the drain bib, Robert D. diagnosed the situation and figured out a solution right away and also figured out the source of the leak from the water heater tank unit. The job took longer for him, but he was very patient. He worked so hard for about eight hours straight without a break or change in his demeanor or smile. He was so thorough in his repair and install and kept his work area very clean and neat throughout the process. He included a leak pan outfitted with materials to allow any possible leaks in the future to drain onto the garage floor and not near the neighboring dry wall, which we wished we had in the first place because water had moved to the dry wall area. He included other materials which would increase the efficiency of the unit and wished were included with the original water heater unit. He thoroughly checked the proper function of the new unit and took the time to show us how to maintain and safely operate it. My husband and I rarely, if at all, ever write reviews, but with Robert's attention to detail, extensive knowledge, friendly demeanor, we felt compelled to write this review. Given his teaching, we felt more educated and even suggested to him that he should give classes to folks and to train new technicians if he hadn't already. With a high and honest work ethic, he takes extreme pride in his trade. We already had a plumber but because he didn't seem as knowledgeable and was not accessible, we went with John Stevenson Plumbing Heating and Air this time and we will be sure to go with this company in the future. We will ask for Robert D. if he is available but if the company ensures that their technicians are comparably trained, we can be sure we will get great service from other service technicians. Overall, Robert D.'s professional manner and service are not only outstanding but separate him from every service technician we've encountered both in the plumbing and non-plumbing industries. He is by far the best service technician ever ... A+ for him and the company!"

| Rated: 5/ 5

Carmel Valley, CA

If you need Carmel Valley Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning service, please call 760-585-4165 or complete our online request form.